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Authentic, Greek pure extra virgin olive oil.

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How it all began…

Veliotiko Olive Tree Family Timeline

Passed down through generations,

From our orchards to your home.

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Our Oil,

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Our Passion

Legend is the olive tree was a gift from the Goddess Athena to Athenians in 6000 B.C.  Early Greeks used oil from its fruit for lighting and heating before it became a part of their healthy Mediterranean diet.

Veliotiko orchards thrive in the rich farming village of Velies within the picturesque Peloponnese region of Greece where olive harvesting has its roots. There, Velies olives grow yearly in 365 days of gentle sun with temperatures averaging 23 degrees C.

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Our Process

Each day from late November through December villagers hand pick the olives and process them with state of the art cold press equipment. The cold press method, using precise temperature control, produces high quality oil that retains the aroma, fruity taste and acidity of the olive. Immediate bottling captures all of its goodness.

The villagers of Velies are proud to bring you this oil produced with their loving care. 

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