Veliotiko Tree

Olive & Its History

The olive tree was a present that Athena made to the Athenians in 6000 B.C. The Athenians at first did not know the value of the olive tree, however; they start using the olive oil for lighting, heating and then for their food start noticing the benefits of the olive oil to their health. Hippocrates, the father of medicine in his studies mentions more than 60 use of the olive to the health such as:

 Dermatologically

 Muscle pains

 Ulcer

 To combat holeras

 For inflammation of the scar

 For insomnia

 For stomach disorders

 For nausea and fever

Solon, the legislator of Athens, in 639 B. C. created a new legislation while protecting the olive tree. At the beginning in the Olympic Games the winners were getting an apple as prize. At the time of Solon that was replaced with a wreath made by an olive tree branch which was coming from the holy bury of Acropolis.

Golden Veliotiko Oil Pouring Over Greek Salad

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